Curtain (white)
Sound installation. 2016.
3m x 10cm x 2m. 240 pairs white earbuds, acrylic, electronics, 24 channel sound.


The ubiquitous white earbud headphone creates an interior sonic environment into which one can retreat from the external world. Within this personalized sonic bubble, the headphones function as a visual “do not disturb” sign.

Curtain (white) plays on this notion by creating a 3m long “curtain” which sections the gallery space visually and sonically. Patterns of white noise - a sound which masks surrounding sounds, often used in “sleep machines” - sweep across the curtain. Despite the synthetic production techniques, the sound mass evokes organic memories of waves, wind, rain, and insects.

Curtain (white) was made possible by financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts and The Agosto Foundation.



photos by Adam Basanta.