Plugs (the most important thing is)
Mixed media installation. 2016.
Variable dimensions. 1200 laser engraved foam earplugs, performance instructions.


Earplugs are meant to keep out unwanted sound. However, the process of plugging our ears serves to amplify the corporeal soundscape: rather than hearing air-borne sound through our eardrums, we hear vibration conducted through the bones in our skull.
Plugs (the most important thing is) proposes a double entendre: an appeal for self-reliance which recalls popular self-help psychology literature, as well as instructions for an interior soundwalk in which visitors become aware of their own corporeal soundscape as they trace a mental path through it.

Performance instructions are available here. The performance can be undertaken by anyone at any time, as long they possess a pair of regular foam earplugs.

Plugs (the most important thing is) was made possible by financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts and The Agosto Fondation.




photos by Adam Basanta.