Sound and mixed media installation. 2016.
Variable dimensions. Acrylic, microphones, speakers, found objects, cable, electronics, sealant, silicon, 4 channel sound.


Sectioning takes form through a series of spatial interventions in which particular three dimensional volumes of the exhibition space are "sectioned off".

Occasionally cutting through an arrangement of objects which have seemingly been left behind, each intervention creates a self-contained acoustic ecosystem which is independent from the remainder of the room: an inside to an outside previously indistinguishable from one another.

The transparent enclosures - a series of re-configured acoustic spaces - transform familiar sounds with an uncanny resonance. With each newly formed space amplified and sequenced in the nearby hallway, the listener first encounters the transformed sounds before understanding the process by which they are transformed. One can attend to the shift in their own listening as contextual details are revealed.

Commissioned by POP Montreal Festival with the assistance of Canada Council for the Arts.


photos by Emily Gan.