Small Movements
2016/2017. Solo performance, 2 handheld microphones, speaker cones, jars, metal wire, wood, electronics.



Small Movements is a physical sound performance using tuned microphone feedback, modified amplification techniques, and kinetic elements. All sounds are created through the physical interaction of handheld microphones, speaker cones, custom software, and physical filters.

Using controlled feedback techniques refined over a series of sound installations between 2014-2016, this performance is a meditation on the instabilities of sound production; the quiet, fragile and delicate phenomena resulting from the intertwining of sonic technologies. The sonic performance relies on collaboration of performer?s actions, the tendencies of sound production equipment, and the modification of acoustic and spatial relationships between various technologies. Hand held micorphones produce delicate, low volume, harmonic feedback melodies and chords; jars are placed on top of speakers as physical sonic filters; cassette tape recorders record their surroundings and play it back in phased loops.
The performance relies on small movements, small changes in the relationship between performer and technologies, and technologies to one another, creating a sense of mystery and wonder as to how the musical results are achieved.

Commissioned by Vancouver New Music for the 2016 edition of their annual festival (October 2016, Vancouver BC), under the theme of “mechanical music”.