Permanent outdoor sculpture. 2017.
300cm x 250cm x 200cm. Mirror polished staineless steel.


Triad is a sound sculpture consisting of three mirror-polished large stainless steel tubes. The hollow tubes act as acoustic resonators emphasizing pitch sensation of a D-major chord. With the tube openings at head-height, visitors can listen to the details of their surrounding environment through the acoustic filters. Through this listening process, visitors may attend with increased sensitivity to familiar and mundane sounds, which are now transformed through a musical lens. The otherworldly, seemingly electronic musical quality of the pitched tones is nonetheless reliant on the environmental sounds for its existence.
While the seemingly half-hazard arrangement of the tubes creates an angular architecture at odds with its surrounding environment, the reflective finish allows the structure to fluidly integrate and at times disappear into its surroundings. This tension between imposition, overlaying, and disappearance is located at the heart of the work.

Triad was commissioned by The DAIMON Centre, and permanently installed at the Filature building, Gatineau QC.



photos by Anne-Marie Dumouchel.